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 本文摘要:在履历了疫情隔离期间的宅,接下来列位同学的购置欲是不是蹭蹭蹭的上涨?专家们也说了,现在履历了疫情,消费市场显着回暖,人们的消费习惯转为线上。天天打开手机,就是种种购物平台的宣传广告。 这么多广告信息,真是头大啊! !!天天被广告困绕,真的是太常见的一个现象了,所以,咱们的雅思大作文绝对是不行能放过广告这个话题的。下面追随小编,一起来看下面这个关于广告的大作文。



这么多广告信息,真是头大啊! !!天天被广告困绕,真的是太常见的一个现象了,所以,咱们的雅思大作文绝对是不行能放过广告这个话题的。下面追随小编,一起来看下面这个关于广告的大作文。Do the positive effects outweigh negative effects, when advertising gains in popularity?咱们一起来头脑风暴下广告能带来的益处都有哪些呢?对于消费者来说:广告为消费者提供更多的产物信息supply consumers with adequate and accurate information, 资助消费者选择性价比很高的产物highly cost-effective product.对于广告商来说:广告能够刺激消费stimulate consumption,提高产物的销量boost the sales,提升产物的知名度enhance the product’s popularity固然肯定也有其负面影响:广告经常会请名人代言endorse the product,人们崇敬这些名人adore the celebrities,可能花许多钱买一些昂贵的商品,超出他们的支付能力cannot afford these goods。

广告存在的夸大作用,exaggerate the functions of products掩饰产物缺点cover up their shortcomings,误导消费者mislead the consumers双方看法齐了之后,接下来,咱们看看如何排兵布阵,结构一个切合雅思大作文的框架要求:客观而且学术。首段:引出话题+小我私家看法陈述。次段:对立面的看法+论点+论证(1个或者2个);转折,驳倒对立面的看法立不住脚。第三段:自己方看法+论证+论据(往往2个或者3个,往往多于对立面的论点)。

末端段:再次陈述自我看法,简练!那怎么写呢?不慌不慌,咱们接着往下看。好比说本文的看法是同意利大于弊。Nowadays, we cannot go anywhere without advertisements, discussion about it has been stirred for a long time. I am of the opinion that there are more benefits than its drawbacks.(引出话题+讲明自己的看法)Unarguably, advertising is criticized every now and then for misleading the public.(引出对立面的看法) It often exaggerates the functions of products and covers up their shortcomings in order to mislead the consumers. (这里小编就写了一个消极影响) However, the rapid development of advertising itself has provided a solution to this problem, as the information delivered to the audiences has made them knowledgeable consumers. Under this circumstance, they can easily distinguish inferior products from quality products with their knowledge. The misleading effect of advertising will be counteracted over time.(驳掉上面的消极点)On the other hand, the public are benefiting from advertisements a lot.(首句总论点,考官一看,就知道咱们这段写的是努力的影响) Firstly,it is important to recognize that one of the key functions of advertising is to supply consumers with adequate and accurate information about all of the alternatives available to them. Secondly,advertising also plays a significant role in fostering full employment and facilitating economic well-being. By conveying marketing information constantly to the target audience, advertising speeds the consumers' acceptance of new goods and technologies. It guarantees the high turnover rate of the manufactured goods and therefore, sustainability of a business. It is also agreed that advertising is one of the main sponsors of a large number of other industries, for example, the entertainment industry particularly sports, music, and theatrical events.When all the factors are examined, we may safety come to the conclusion that advertisements have more merits than its demerits.(末端段简练重述自己看法即可)分析完这个广告类大作文后,想必你对广告类话题比力清楚了,以后再遇到不管是在口语还是写作,希望你都能统统拿下。可是只掌握广告类话题是远远不够的,我们大作文另有其他7类话题,后期小编会连续带来好文!。